Using board lists in Tailwind has saved me so much time, I wanted to show you how to use them if you aren’t already! If you’re interested in really digging in and learning more about how to make Pinterest work for you, check out my free Pinterest course. There’s no strings attached, it’s just an awesome free course because I want EVERYONE to love Pinterest as much as I do.

How to Use Board Lists in Tailwind

It’s extremely simple to use board lists so don’t let the thought of it overwhelm you! If you haven’t tapped into the full power of Pinterest yet, Tailwind is one of the best ways to do it. I don’t use other tools like BoardBooster, because they go against Pinterest’s acceptable use policy, and my account is too important to lose.

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Why use board lists?

Board lists are great for saving time. Instead of having to add each pin to several boards at once by searching for them, typing in the first letter of the boards, or even checking Pinterest to see which boards are for which pins, use the board list feature in Tailwind.

Create a board list for top performing boards, for recipes, or for whatever else! Create a list of topics you blog about. We’ll be using it later. My short list would look something like this:

– blogging
– making money from home
– social media

Yours might be something like this:

– desserts
– slow cooker recipes
– parenting

No matter what your list looks like, you can match it up with board lists once you log into Tailwind.

How to Use Board Lists in Tailwind

How to set up board lists

How to Use Board Lists in Tailwind

Log into your Tailwind account, and take a peek at the left hand menu area. Under “Publish”, you’ll see “Board Lists”. Click there!

Note: I know the image above is blurry. I blew it up so you guys could see exactly where to click. 🙂

How to Use Board Lists in Tailwind

If you’ve never used board lists before, you’ll just see this box on the left. I already have a few board lists set up so mine looks a little different. Refer to the list you made above, so you aren’t creating these lists all willy nilly.

board lists tailwind

Create your first board list. I named mine “BLOGGING”.

Pro tip: Match these board lists up with the boards you put in your Pinterest Showcase for even better results!

Using board lists saves time and increases your Pinterest traffic!

After you name your board list, you’ll go through all of your boards and add them if they fit with that specific topic. Some topics will overlap. For example, I blog about blogging but I also blog about making money from home, so I pin both of those topics. Many times, blog posts will fit into both boards nicely so I will have them on my “BLOGGING” board list and my “MAKE MONEY” board list.

Install Tailwind Chrome Extension

Hopefully you already have the Tailwind extension installed but if you don’t, go to your Tailwind dashboard and install the Chrome extension before moving onto the next step.

How to use board lists in Tailwind to save time and increase Pinterest traffic.

Now, head over to the blog post you want to practice on. Use one of your own, one of mine, or anyone’s really! Click the Tailwind extension and the scheduler will pop up.

Using Tailwind board lists saves SO MUCH time!

Don’t type a letter in like you normally would when searching for boards. Your board lists will be at the top. I’m not sure if it’s just my computer or if it’s a lack of functionality on Tailwind’s part, but I’m unable to scroll through my board lists. For that reason, I’ve only made a handful of board lists.

Learning how to use board lists in Tailwind.

If you’ve already scheduled this specific pin to any of the boards on the list, you’ll see they are highlighted. That doesn’t mean you can’t schedule them again, it’s just kind of like a “heads up” so you’re aware.

How to Set Intervals in Tailwind

Now, you’ll want to set intervals so they don’t all go out at once. Everything you do with Pinterest should be thought of as more of a slow burn than an explosive round of fireworks that go off here and there. Scheduling these for once a day ensures your pin is seen daily for 7, 8, 9 days (however many boards you’re sending it out to). You can schedule for every 2 days if you want, but I haven’t found a difference as far as results go.

How does it save time?

Scheduling one pin across several boards with one click saves tons of time if you’re an avid Pinterest user. Instead of having to remember the board names and type each in, you schedule to a list and it’s good to go!

Also, if you manage several Pinterest accounts like I do, board lists are a must. There’s no way to keep track of what everyone pins, which boards are their most popular, etc without having lists of some sort. Board lists ensure each pin goes out to the right boards and none are missed.

How does it increase traffic?

If you’re anything like me, you sometimes forget that a pin would be perfect for that one group board you always forget to pin to. When you log into Tailwind and check out your board insights, you’ll see which boards are performing the best. Create a board list for top performing (related) boards. Then, head over to your blog and do some pinning. Getting those pins out while the boards are performing well will increase your Pinterest traffic rather quickly. Even though everything with Pinterest is more of a “slow burn” like I said above, group boards can be HOT HOT HOT so you want to make sure you’re participating in them when they are. If a group board isn’t hot now, it might be in a few months. But if you notice a group board steadily underperforming, get rid of it!

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