You’re here to learn how to revamp blog posts, and I’m here to help! Some people measure blog success in pageviews, others measure it income, and still others measure it in how happy their blog makes them. For me, it’s a combination of all three. Generally speaking, pageviews translate to income, and an increase in income translates to more free time which makes me happy! 😉

How to Revamp Blog Posts to Increase Traffic and Income

The secret to success on all three levels, when it comes to blogging at least, is consistently putting out high quality content. When we first started blogging we probably didn’t know nearly as much as we do now, so some of our older posts are pretty crappy could use a little work.

This doesn’t happen over night, so don’t be discouraged if you’re not seeing results right away. Blogging is a long-term game, so stick with it even if you don’t see everything coming together right away. I’ve seen so many give up on their dream of blogging just because they didn’t make big bucks overnight – or even in the first year. When you see successful blogs, just keep in mind that they weren’t built overnight. It takes a lot of hard work!

Fortunately, revamping old blog posts doesn’t usually take as much work as creating the original post did. For that reason, I’m sharing my best tips for how to revamp old posts in a specific way to make more money. Because, let’s face it, when it comes down to it, you’ve put a lot of time into your blog so it needs to pay off.

How to Revamp Blog Posts

Lengthen your posts to 1000+ words. I don’t mean to fluff it up by any means, but the length of your post matters. Yes, guys, size does matter. Longer posts do perform better in search engines (read the science behind long-form content), and if your readers are coming to a post for tips or information, they want some meat. So, give it to them.

Edit to make sure everything is up to date. For example, if you read a post from a year or two ago, you might see a tip about adding hashtags to your Pinterest descriptions. That was something that worked, briefly. You might also read advice saying to delete pins, because those who didn’t understand how Pinterest worked said to delete underperforming pins. We know this is bad advice, so if you’ve included anything like that in your posts, be sure to update it!

Pay attention to SEO. My #1 source of traffic (and income!) is search engines. Use the free version of Yoast until you can save up for Premium… but Premium is SO worth it! You can have multiple focus keywords, redirects with just a click, and more. I don’t spend money on a lot of things, but Yoast Premium is hands-down one of the best investment you can make.

Remove dead links. Use the broken link checker plug-in to help with this process.

Add several images. Use the hidden image code (learn how to do that in my FREE Pinterest course) so the long images don’t clog up your blog post.

Link to related posts on your blog. This includes related posts on your own blog and other blogs. I share the love any chance I can get! Sometimes I forget to link to my own posts, though.

Pro tip: Create a spreadsheet with a link to each post on your blog. You can categorize them or just have a column with keywords, whatever works for you! The point is to have each post at your fingertips so you can link to related posts in any post you write.

Phone a friend. I have a VA that proofreads all of my posts now, but when I first started blogging I would send my post to a few friends and ask if everything looked alright. Have them look out for typos, because they’re bound to happen in almost every single post (at least they do with mine!).

Change the date. I’ve done this before but never knew if it was valuable or not. I was reading a post over on Pinch of Yum about improving old blog posts and they mentioned changing the publish date. This ensures the new date shows up in search results, which is a “positive indicator for people that consider the date to be a factor in how relevant something is”. I personally don’t include dates on my posts, so this doesn’t matter on my blog but if you do post dates, it could help.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Stick with what’s working! Check your Google Analytics to see what’s performing the best (go for top 10 to start). Go in and edit each of your top-performing posts using the tips above.

Add affiliate links. You’ll make more money when your traffic increases, but don’t forget to add affiliate links to these posts while you work on improving them! Whether it’s an Amazon link, Craftsy, or any other affiliate, be sure to link them up whenever you can.

Repurposing Blog Content


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Revamping old blog posts is fun! It can seem like a daunting task, but just take it one post at a time and enjoy creating new, beautiful images!

What’s your best tip for improving old blog posts? Let me know in the comments!

How to Revamp Blog Posts to Increase Traffic and Income

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