Whether you’re rocking as a Mompreneur, Lady Boss, or any other buzz word that’s being vomited all over Pinterest this year, I’m here to tell you these free courses for bloggers are going to take your business to the next level. You’ve gotta actually do the courses, but I mean beyond that it’s a piece of cake.

Free Courses for Bloggers … That DON’T SUCK

ByRegina doesn’t realize she’s my blog wife yet but one day she will. Anyway, she’s the one who inspired this entire post. She also inspired my Free Pinterest Course. SHE INSPIRES MY LIFE, OKAY?! But really, she’s amazing and has so many free resources… including free courses. Be sure to check out her free blogging courses before reading the rest of this post. For reals.

Free Social Media Courses

My very own Rock Your Pinterest: Learn how to use Pinterest to successfully increase traffic and income. This course has as much (if not more) information than all of the paid Pinterest courses I’ve checked out, but it’s FREE.

Practical Mommy’s Build an Engaged Facebook Page from Scratch: Learn how to create a Facebook Page, what exactly ENGAGEMENT means to Facebook, why follow for follow is a terrible idea on Facebook, why Facebook shows your posts to some people and not others, and how to find true fans for your page! You’ll also learn what to post and what NOT to post, as well as how often you should post.

Elise Hodge’s Double Your Instagram Engagement: Tired of wasting hours on Instagram and seeing zero results? This FREE Instagram e-course will step you through 5 actionable strategies to rapidly increase your Instagram engagement.

Epic list of Free Courses for Bloggers! The amount of information in these courses totally blows away the ones I've paid hundreds for. The only thing I have to do now is get serious about implementing the tips and tricks, and make some money!

Free Blogging & Marketing Courses

Learn to Blog’s Dominate the Search Engines: All the necessary steps to set up your Webmaster Tools (Search Console) and some Actionable Tasks to start improving your Search Traffic… ORGANICALLY! Crystal and Kelli have been teaching online for what seems like eons, and they always have great advice. I followed just a few tips outlined in their Skyrocket Course and saw a massive increase in organic traffic!

Sticky Blogging Formula: You’ll learn the three questions you can ask yourself to make sure every post you publish hooks the reader and they never let go, the powerful key to blogging success that most bloggers miss, and how to keep your readers reading and stick the perfect landing that converts them to loyal fans!

Creative Blog’s Launch Your Blog: A 30 day free email course that will help you nail your branding and design, put your businesses processes in place, and teach you how to earn a living doing what you love!

Breaking Brand: This is NOT your typical ‘create a logo’ type of branding course {don’t let the free price tag fool you}! This is fresh squeezed, tried and tested, boom juice that goes far beyond design and making shit look pretty. This is an approach to branding that is going to make you think about your brand in ways you never thought about.

Living For Naptime’s How to Start a Blog: In this 5 module course, you will learn the following: how to choose a smart domain name for your blog, how to set up a blog using WordPress, how to design the blog to suit your fancy, how to write your first post, and how to get your first 100 readers.

Meera Kothand’s Email Lists for Newbies: Are you struggling with your email list? You have no idea what to send your list or where to start? Email Lists for Newbies is a free email course to help you kick start your email list even if you have not sent a single email!

Free Courses for Everything Else

Glitz and Grammar’s Find Your Writing Voice: will teach you how to tap into your unique writing voice to help build a distinct and memorable brand. You’ll learn why having a writing voice matters, and be given examples of other businesses doing it right. Communicate with confidence and in a way that connects with your ideal client, and end the writing drama once and for all! Create copy that represents you and your brand.

Better Brand Photography: A 5 Day course that will teach you how to discover the types of images your audience wants to see, how to plan your photo shoots efficiently, and why brand photography is so important to your business. You’ll also discover how graphic design can make your photos more dynamic, and they’ll give you actionable steps to take right now for better brand photography.

Positively Brave: In 7 free email lessons, you’ll find your passion, define your purpose and craft an action plan to make it happen.

Confident Life’s Confidence E-Course: Learn skills that build your confidence, celebrate your strengths, and silence your inner critic!

Buzzing Creative’s Canva for Beginners: It’s never too late to learn how to make beautiful graphics, but there is no reason to be putting it off any longer!

Do you have a FREE e-course you’d like added to this list? Leave the link below!

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  1. I am saving this post! ?
    Thank you for sharing!!

    Posted on November 19, 2016 at 4:23 pm
  2. This is an awesome comprehensive list. Thank you so much!

    Posted on November 19, 2016 at 6:02 pm
  3. Thanks for sharing these resources (and thanks for including my Purpose Email Course!). Will definitely be enrolling in your Pinterest course, it looks awesome!

    Posted on November 20, 2016 at 5:36 pm