Why Every Virtual Assistant Needs CoSchedule

As a virtual assistant, you’re busy. You’re juggling a million things in your own business and in your clients’ businesses! Finding the perfect tool that is affordable and easy to use can seem impossible. After years of searching, I’ve tried pretty much every program out there that is supposed to revolutionize your life. CoSchedule is the first one I’m sharing with you. Why? Because I want your business to grow! My affiliate link for CoSchedule is used throughout this post.

Why Every Virtual Assistant Needs CoSchedule

Knowing how to use CoSchedule is valuable.

If a blogger or small business wants to hire you but they use CoSchedule and you don’t know how to, there’s a learning curve. When there’s a learning curve, it causes the client to pause and take a step back. While they do this, they might end up hiring someone else. Never give them a reason to hire someone else… only more reasons to hire YOU!

Time is money.

I always tell my students: time is money. Of course this isn’t a new phrase by any means, but as a virtual assistant it takes it to another level. You only have so much time in a day, which means the more time you waste on organization and flipping from Google Docs to WordPress to your Google Calendar to a client’s calendar, the less money you’re making each hour.

It’s easy to use.

Many times, I try a new program – a scheduler, a calendar, a whatever… and it’s so complicated that I just give up. This has happened with so many tools that when I found CoSchedule, I ignored it for quite some time. While I was at Social Media Marketing World this week, several big names recommended CoSchedule. That’s not what sold me on it, though.

When I was sharing a Lyft ride with a blogger who is also a VA, she said CoSchedule has literally saved her business and her sanity. I told her about my past experiences with other tools, and she said she felt the same way! CoSchedule streamlines everything into one location, though, so it truly helps you organize your business… and your life. You can have multiple calendars if you need to, which is a huge bonus if you have multiple blogs and businesses like I do.

CoSchedule from Garrett Moon on Vimeo.

Get a free 14 day trial and see how you like it. Do me – and yourself – a favor during your trial: actually use it. I can’t count how many times I’ve signed up for a trial and not fully utilized it. Just this once, treat a trial like the gold it is. Dive in, take some time to learn the system, and see how much time (and headache) it saves you.

What I Love About CoSchedule

There are many things I love about CoSchedule, but here are a few that really made me say “WOW!”.

What I Love About CoSchedule

Built-in shareable content. Right in your dashboard, there’s a list of CoSchedule’s most recent posts. This is awesome for those of us who write about marketing, blogging, and business because we can share this content instead of having to dig for relatable content from authority sites.

Use CoSchedule for Course Launch

Manage multiple blogs and projects. I’m using CoSchedule for my course launch. This means it gets its own calendar, and my team can help me work on it while I work on my other blog separately.

CoSchedule Six Week Calendar View

Six week calendar. I don’t know what it is about a four week calendar view but it just feels so restricting to me! I set my calendar up so it shows six weeks at a time. That means when I’m six weeks out from launch time, I know everything that’s coming up… at a glance.

CoSchedule Integrations

Integrations out the wazoo. My CoSchedule account is integrated with all of my social media accounts as well as my Facebook groups and Google Analytics. For even more tracking, you can integrate with bit.ly. I don’t use bit.ly because I have my own URL shortener, but I know most people love it and use it religiously for tracking.

Why CoSchedule?

If you’ve checked CoSchedule out already, you’ll see that it is priced higher than other tools. This made me nervous at first but during my 14 day trial I realized, immediately, that it’s worth every penny. I charge $100+ an hour for my services, so if CoSchedule saves me even ONE HOUR each month, it’s paying for itself. CoSchedule has already saved me at least an hour a DAY… so I think that speaks for itself!

What now?

Sign up for your FREE 14 day trial at CoSchedule.

Get CoSchedule for FREE!

Refer 10 friends and you will get CoSchedule for FREE! Sign up for their referral program during your free trial.

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