I recently attended Social Media Marketing World, the conference on all things social media and blogging. Ray Edwards did a workshop on writing copy that sells. If you’ve been to conferences before, you know that getting even one nugget of helpful information that will translate to your business is gold. Even though Ray Edwards was the first speaker I saw, his session alone made it worth going to this conference!

How to Become an Amazing Copywriter - tips I learned from Ray Edwards

How to Become an Amazing Copywriter

Many copywriters make six figures (plus!) each year. If you love writing and love helping others, copywriting might be right up your alley! There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to standing out as a copywriter:

It’s about them, not you, but you’ve gotta be personable. It’s tough to find the line – that fine line you’ll need to walk between connecting with your customers and selling through storytelling. Tell stories that are universal, yet personal at the same time. What does this mean?

The example Ray Edwards used during the workshop was one about his first car. He told us it was a lime green rust bucket with a hole in the floorboard. When it rained, water would come up into the car. While he was telling that story, most of us were thinking about our first cars. He connected with us on a personal level while telling a story about himself, but also making it about us.

When I tell my story about being homeless, I connect with moms who have struggled financially or have been on the verge of being homeless before. Those who know what it’s like to have to claw their way back up to the top are the ones who connect with me the most.

Part of being an amazing copywriter is writing copy that is useful in and of itself. Meaning if the reader never ever buys something from you, they still walk away with useful information. This is the focus of my free courses (like my Pinterest Course): even if you aren’t giving me a single penny, I want to make sure you’re learning something that you can use right now to help grow your business.

Great copy leads your reader to a fork in the road. Helping them choose the correct path for them is important. Presenting them with proof that your product is worth it, that your product and and WILL help them, can help them make the right decision at that fork in the road. Most of us are skeptical by nature, especially if we’ve been scammed in the past. Providing your readers with hope – the hope that you have the answer to their problem – is the first step to making more sales.

How to Write Copy that Sells

Ray Edwards uses the PASTOR method for copywriting:

P – Person, Problem, Pain
A – Amplification, Aspiration
S – Story, Struggle, Solution
T – Testimonies
O – Offer
R – Request a Response

One of the things that stood out to me the most when learning about the PASTOR method was that during the “A” portion, you’re showing your clients the cost of complacency, showing them the cost of not taking action (buying your product) to solve their problem. I have tried to convey this to clients so many times, when they’re right on the edge and “almost” ready to take the leap but don’t… and then I see them having to get a 9-5 job (or worse, a job working midnights) a few months later just so they can support their families. I always wish they would’ve taken the lap months ago. Showing what it’s going to cost them before they step away from the ledge is so important.

When it’s time to talk about the offer, you’ll need to mention what you’re selling and how much it costs. You also need to talk about deliverables: what they’ll be getting when they take action.

Want to learn more about writing copy that sells? Check out Ray Edwards book: How to Write Copy That Sells. Not 100% sold? Click the link and then “Look Inside”, so you can get a sneak peek. Quite a few pages are viewable for free!

How to Get Started as a Copywriter

Make them an offer they can’t refuse!

Getting started as a copywriter can be simple and complicated at the same time. It’s simple if you know what you’re doing, but it’s complicated because getting established as a copywriter can take some time. My recommendation is to start working for bloggers. Why? Because bloggers have big mouths! Plus, they’re always looking to diversify their income. Copywriters can help bloggers do just that, and if you do a great job they’ll tell all their friends. You’ll have a waiting list in no time.

My Virtual Assistant Course teaches you how to connect with bloggers who will value your services. Don’t price your services lower than everyone else does, even if you’re just starting out. I have worked with so many writers that get burnt out because they start out with low prices. Instead of discounting your prices, add value. Clients won’t blink at your prices, even if they’re twice as much as their last copywriter’s, because you’re going to do an amazing job. Adding value ensures you over deliver every single time.

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